Bike sharing is an exciting new model of public-private transportation provision that has quickly emerged in recent years. It offers a healthy, sustainable, alternative transportation choice, particularly for short trips. Shared electric bikes (e-bikes) could provide an even higher level of service compared to regular bike share systems. Electric bicycles reduce the effort required by the rider, promoting greater travel distances and easier use over hilly terrain. Although there is little empirical evidence, electric bike sharing could be feasible, depending on demand and battery management. Ongoing pilot tests will allow empirical evaluation of electric bike sharing system performance.

Project Information

CycleUshare is the country’s first
electric bicycle sharing system. It merges two technologies, e-bikes and bicycle sharing, making shared electric bicycles available to students, faculty and staff at the University of Tennessee.

Currently, there are two station locations, one at Presidential Court and one on the Ag Campus. Each station has the capacity for ten bicycles, including seven e-bikes and three regular bikes. The Ag Campus station is 100% solar powered! Participating users can access the bikes for up to four hours at a time.

Since cycleUshare is currently a

research project, participation is free.

The Team

E-Bike Share  at UTK
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E-Bike Share at UTK

Dr. Christopher R. Cherry

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Casey Langford

Graduate Research Assistant

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Taekwan Yoon

Graduate Research Assistant

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Levon Brassfield

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

David Smith

Research Associate

Biosystems Engineering

Stacy Worley

Senior Research Associate

Biosystems Engineering

(now at John Deere)